Interview: Ray from Rayoga

This week we spoke to Ray from Rayoga.

How did you discover yoga?

I started yoga accidentally really. I was visiting my brother who was living in Los Angeles and he suggested I try a power yoga class in Santa Monica. I have to say I was hooked, it all seemed to make complete sense. What helped most was I was fortunate enough to find such a great teacher, power yoga founder Bryan Kest.

How has yoga helped you?

Yoga has helped me so much words could never express. It’s the only system that for me addresses all aspects of well being. It really did force me to look at the way I was exercising.

Being less aggressive, more gentle and mindful, trying to actually keep your mind and body healthier, and not being dominated by your ego and vanity.

What kind of yoga do you teach?

I teach power yoga. It’s very loosely based on Ashtanga yoga, but made a lot more accessible to anyone. It’s all about finding your place. You know some days you do more, some days less, respecting your body, as opposed to beating the hell out of it to try to create some image that society has forced on us. It’s empowering and liberating, taking away the dogma!

What would you say to those who want to try yoga but haven’t done it before?

I say the same thing to everyone who comes to my classes, do what you can, if it don’t feel right then don’t do it!

Your body’s your best teacher, it talks to you in the language of sensation.

I’ll remind you of the the important things, like the deep breaths, don’t go too far in any pose, make sure your feeling the place your trying to take care of, but in a gentle,sensitive way, that’s the yoga.
For information on Rayoga classes, you can visit the website here:

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