Interview Part 2: Liz Cousins from HotPod Yoga Cardiff

Part 2 of our interview with Liz


What are the benefits of hot yoga?

All the amazing benefits that yoga has to offer plus the benefit of being in a non-intimidating environment, as the dim lighting reduces self consciousness, the rhythmic music sets the tone, the whole ambient environment is welcoming, disarming, and very relaxing.

We find the heat very soothing and beneficial in reducing injury to muscles, as you are warmer and also helping you move more freely.

Yoga is traditionally done in much a warmer climate than the UK.

What would you say to people who have never done hot yoga before? Do you have to be experienced?



We have complete newbies who’ve never done any yoga before every week at class.  HotPod yoga is designed for the complete beginner in mind. Our teachers will make you feel welcome, they talk through the sequence, demonstrate and come around and help you.
It’s a great workout, so you are busy enough to lose yourself in the HotPod, and will leave completely worked yet relaxed. It’s also down to how much the individual pushes themselves, take it easy to begin with until you feel more confident.
I also advise beginners to arrive early to chat to the teacher, and choose a mat where they feel most confident within the pod. Don’t be surprised if you find a new healthy addiction.

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