Interview Part 1: Liz Cousins from HotPod Yoga Cardiff

This week Mantra Cardiff spoke to Liz Cousins from HotPod Yoga Cardiff. You can read part 1 of the interview here.



What was the process and idea behind bringing HotPod yoga to Cardiff?

My husband Aaron has taught yoga in Cardiff for many years.  He was invited to teach at Hotpod Yoga Swansea. When I stepped into the pod I loved the Hotpod environment and concept.

It was warm, soothing, otherworldly.

The music lulled me into relaxation and I loved the diffuser wafting aromatherapy throughout the pod.  It was the most amazing yoga studio I’d ever been in, we loved the vinyasa flow method of yoga and I felt sure others would love to experience yoga this way so we set about bringing it to Cardiff.

What are your aims/goals for the business?

Hotpod Yoga is aimed at the 99% of people who would not normally do yoga.

Our aim is to attract those people to try, like and reap the many benefits of HotPod Yoga.  We believe HotPod yoga is for all kinds of body’s, not just those already into yoga.

What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is yoga that is undertaken in a heated room, or a HotPod in our case.  We found this to be much more beneficial as the muscles relax and let go.

We found 37 degrees C to be optimal since that is near the body’s temperature and is comfortable whilst increasing the cardiovascular rate, making it a good sweaty workout.



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