5 benefits of meditation

Regularly practicing meditation can have huge benefits on the mind and body.

Source: http://liveanddare.com/benefits-of-meditation
  1. It can decrease depression

Studies amongst students who followed a meditation program in school found there to be reduced rates of depression in the students afterwards.

2. It helps improve your mental strength

Meditation involves a high degree of focus and control of the mind. Practicing meditation regularly can train the mind to be stronger.

3. It can help with ADHD

In a study with 50 people who suffer from ADHD, it was found that the group who practiced ‘mindfulness based cognitive therapy’ showed decreases in hyperactivity and impulsivity. (Source)

4. It can improve memory and self-awareness

According to studies, in the long-run, meditation increases grey matter in the brain which is associated with memory and learning. (Source)

5. It can reduce risk of heart disease

In a study involving 200 high risk people who regularly attended meditation classes, it was found that they had a 48% reduced risk of heart attack afterwards. (Source)


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