At home yoga: our picks of the best tutorials

The thought of attending a yoga class for the first time can be a little intimidating if you’re a beginner. Yoga classes can also be expensive and it can be hard fitting them into your schedule (or even just finding the motivation to leave the house). Thankfully YouTube is full of tutorials you can do from your living room which costs absolutely nothing. We’ve tried and tested the best ones for every ability so you know where to go for all your yoga needs.

Yoga for injuries and anxiety:

Yoga can have huge benefits when recovering from an injury and in helping with anxiety and stress. Yoga TX ( have some great tutorials to combat different types of body pain and stress. Most of their tutorials are aimed at beginners.

Yoga for relaxation and sleep:

Practicing yoga has been known to help combat insomnia or even just decrease the amount of times someone wakes up in the night. PsycheTruth ( have lots of tutorials aimed specifically at helping with sleep and relaxation.

Yoga for beginners:

Yoga With Adrienne’s ( videos are hugely popular perhaps due to her friendly approach. Her beginners videos are a great starting point for those who haven’t done much, or any, yoga before.

Yoga for flexibility:

Yoga is great for increasing your flexibility over time even if you’re not flexible at all to start with. SarahBethYoga ( have lots of tutorials with different levels to suit different types of flexibility.

Yoga for weight loss:

Most people think yoga is just for relaxing and stretching but it can also help with weight loss. Power yoga is a fast-paced way tone up and sadienardini’s videos ( are great.




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